Friday, 5 May 2017

The Beep Test

Today I ran in the beep test with my class. I had got to 51 when the CD was turned off accidentally. So we all had to start again and I got another 51. So I got a new score of 102.

My old score was 89 so it was an achievement.

Next week I am aiming to beat it by two.


  1. It was great to see you run with such determination in the beep test. I also enjoyed seeing you use the same determination to write such a detailed blog post about your achievement.

    What is the learning activity that you will use your determination to achieve?

    I look forward to reading about whatever it is.

  2. Great work Zack you are getting very fit which will help you at rugby!

  3. We are super proud of your awesome blogging Zack! How cool to see you working so hard during the beep test, you can see your fitness improving each week. We look forward to seeing your fitness shine on Monday at the cross country! Next time we could get someone from class to take a photo for you for reflection.


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