Thursday, 10 August 2017

In the wild there is a house and there is a door at that house and when I was walking up to that door dantdm!!!.
was there. He likes playing roblox. His breath was like a boy in pjs he sounded like a cool guy it had a crock in his  voice. he lives in the uk His frivet thin in the world is Fidget spinners he gets really cool fidget Spinners.

He does lots of challenges like lolly challenges book challenges.  


  1. Hi my name is Andrew I am from Hornby primary school you blow my socks about how you started you sentence with a inserting word.

  2. Hi it is hunter.c from yaldhurst school. That is a cool story because it is long big words an it is a interesting story

  3. Hi hunter.c it is zack thank you your feedback I hope you are having a good time at your new school from zack


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