Friday, 17 August 2018

My tiny house

The first step of our tiny house was to listen and follow instructions. I find that quite difficult because I'm like a talker on the mat but i got the idea of what to do for our tiny, we had to

create a rough Draught. What do we do when we create a rough draugh so  there a checklist

for some items on it and there is how you plan out how you're going to your house.Now we

have to do the final version of the house. What do we do for the final version Well on a house 

are walls base roof You need to check off that you've got all of the things like the walls

base and roof.Now we need to find out the area and perimeter of the things on the checklist

like the sink the bath and the other six things on the list.Now I need to find out the area and

perimeter of the base the walls and the roof so that when you stick things in you know how

many squares you can use.Now you need to cut out the walls the base the roof etc and fit

them together so you know how it goes together.   No need to continue our design and we

need to decorate the outside of our house like if we wanted to put a path to the door front

door of our house we could put a river round our or something like that.You need to answer the

questions about the house and reflect on how you think you went with this tiny house.Now we need to create some 3D furniture in our house for the last step then we need to stick it in to our house then you've done your tiny house.


  1. Hi Zack,

    Thank you for sharing your tiny house. It looks really interesting. I had a go reading the information you wrote, but I think you might need to play with the settings because it is all weird. If you have copy and pasted it, it can get a bit strange. From the bits I was able to read I can see you have done a lot of maths to work out how to do it all. I'm so proud of you doing area and perimeter. Great stuff.

    Hope you are well,
    Mrs Spragg

  2. Thank you for your feedback I am working on fixing that. Hope you are having a great time.

  3. I'm glad to hear you are working to fix it and I am having a great time. I can see you have been very active on your blog. It is great to read all about your learning.

    :) Mrs S

  4. I have fixed the text If you want to have another go at reading it im missing you


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