Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Saling At lake rua

My dad came as parent help. It was awesome having dad on my school trip
because he could help me with lots of stuff, like setting up the boat and helping
me get in and out of the boat.

Setting up the boat was exciting because I learnt how to do a blood knot
and how to set up a sailboat. My partner was Thom (he is one of my best friends) and
it was cool having Thom as my partner because he has lots of experience with
boats (like me). After we set up the boat we got back together and
had a re group with the whole class. We were told about how to sail the boat and off we went to the wharf to have a lesson.

We all walked down to the wharf and the instructors/lifeguards brought our
boats to us. We could only have 3 boats out at a time so the
lifeguards could keep an eye on us for our first time sailing. It was my
first time sailing and I felt excited. When I got in that boat I went
zoooooooooooooooooooming into the distance like a rocket ship.
I whizzed around the buoy in the water that we had to go
around and then I just about flipped my boat but I managed to get control of it
and I kept going and I made it back to the shore. I sighed with relief and I was amazed
that I had not flipped my boat. I told all my friends that I just about capsized and also that
sailing was so much fun and they all could not wait until they had their turn. My friends and I all
talked about how epic it was sailing on the water.

When we had another turn the wind was really starting to pick up and it felt like being up in
space flying around like a mad person. When I got back on land I was watching my
friend Louis. He capsized. That made me laugh. The day had whizzed by and before
I knew it, it was time to get back on the bus. What a brillant day Thom and I had.
I hope we can do it all again next year.




  1. Hi my name is Thomas and Shayden and i go to Kawakawa primary school
    I liked the way you made the boat and the way that
    you helped your friend your next step is to juice adjective bye.

  2. Hi my name is Chase from Kawakawa primary i like your boat it looks cool i like the way you used captils


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