Friday, 18 May 2018

My Caterpillar Maths Investigation

Hi Zack here. A few days ago I did a Caterpillar Maths Investigation. So how you do it. You choose a number 100 or under and you halve it. If in is a odd number you add one and then you halve it again until you get to one. It is easy for me but some people might find it hard. 

Thursday, 12 April 2018

learning math

Hi my name is Zack I am here to teach math this post. Did you know about grid method I'll show you.
  So that is grid method it is not hard at all.

                             By Zack

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

My Holiday Recount

A few days ago. I went to Palmerston North speedway. To watch the superstock teams champs. There were 14 teams but I can't remember them all. Baypark Busters, Rotorua Rebels, Stratford scrappers, Hawkes Bay hawkeyes, The Glen eagles, The Palmerston North Panthers, The Mustangs, Wanganui Warriors, Great British Lions, The Wellington Wildcats, Gisborne Giants,. We went to skroot nering it is when all team’s lineup and you can look at all of them and you can buy TShirts. And pick your team.

The team I went for was the Stratford scrappers number 29s is mich vickery I shook his hand and said good job. The cars are yellow and black and awesome.

Night 1 of racing my team won yay went wild GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! The Scrappers dad was Laughing at me. When we got to our tent it was cold me and Mum got into bed lewis and dad went to the pits and saw all the cars again.

I was asleep and then I heard a noise it woke me up when I try to go back to sleep mum woke up and said are you ok I said I am cold mum said I am to come to my bed so I did and we both got warm.

In the morning it was hot and it was my friend’s birthday she was 9 we went to the pool it had 4 hidro sides one was a super bowl and there was a dark and fast one and dark and slow one and extra speed one.

My MihiMihi

Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

Ko aoraki  te maunga.

Ko waimakariri te awa.

Kei ototahi  toku kainga noho.

No otautahi ahau.

He tauira ahau ki te kura o Yaldhurst.

Ko (sharon spragg miss taylor) taku kaiako.

Ko (john) raua ko (bri) raua ko (kenny) oku koro.

Ko (wendy) raua ko (heln) oku kuia.

Ko (Anna) toku whaea.

Ko (Dave) toku matua.

Ko (lewis) tōku  teina
(iwa) oku tau.

Ko Zack toku ingoa.

No reira, tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

Profile of a Hero!

Profile of a Hero!

D.O.B:25 of june
Nickname: zoodle

People in your family:mum dad lemis

Pets:meg herb reb jeffrey tinsy

Favourite TV:???
Favourite Music:smoke on the water
Favourite Movie:mickey mouse club house

Best Friends:Louis Kdae Thom Sam Aliz’e Jonathon Toby da best

Future Career: Work with dad on  western star trucks and m.a.n trucks

Most prized possession: mum and dad

Skills and talents: My talents are working on the stock car with Dad. Motorbike riding Pig hunting Cleaning the house and helping Mum And mowing the lawn.

Favourite holiday destination:My favourite destination is Japan's cuz Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse come in there and they are my favourite.

Hobbies and Interests:my hobbies as pig hunting and helping Dad and mum