Friday, 12 April 2019


Hi, BLOGGERS. Today I will talk to you about. Easter fun day Today in the morning we are doing our hat making for my hat I am putting some red cardboard togther with tape. Then putting pipe cleaners and straws on it. With some Easter eggs. My friend Thom made a hat with Easter eggs and and card the name of mine was is eggy winner. The name of Thom's is EGGNINJA. My other friends Sam Jonothon and Alvin did a big combine one. They used peacock feathers and some paint they dont have a name for theirs. We all put then on the window sill and make sure everyone that walks past has a look at them. Some people want to make thiers like a top hat mine is is the shape of a cylinder. Thom's is a normal hat. I also put some bunny ears on mine and some glass bottles. Now we are writing this blog and listing to music. If you are doing anything for easter comment is below. Here are some pictures BYE.

Friday, 5 April 2019

HOMEWORK - Three most important things in life.

Hi, Bloggers. Today I will talk to you about the Three most important things in life to me. Are first is my Pets. Because they are also living things and I have had Pets since I was born. Second is all my Family Because. They all Love me and teach me things like the Drums. Lastly is probley my Money because I can Buy things I want like lollies. My friend Best things are. His Pets because he likes them. Second his Family because they look after him and take good care of him and they are the best. His friends because they are always there for him and they help him with some things tat are hard.

Me and my Family

Amazing Response WORK!!

HI, BLOGGERS. Today I will talk to you about our work we have done to soppurt what happend a few weeks ago. As a class we all did a pieace of work. I did a painting I will show you later. First whta we did was plan what we wanted to do on paper. My friend Hasan wanted to do an animation he did one of people putting down flowers. My painting was about lots of people supporting each other and putting down flowers. After we finished we showed them while me were doing our 2 minutes in scilence. Some people did it togther but I did it by my self. If you did anything for what happend a few fridays ago could you please put it in the comments. I would love to be able to read or look at whatyou did if you did something. BYE BLOGGERS!

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Amazing mult div Workbook!!

Hi, Bloggers. Today I will talk to you about my mult div work. First we did a wheel of six times table to help us, like we could go back when we need to and check the awnser. Then we did some division. We used our times table wheel to find out some of the awnsers! The hardest thing was using grid method to solve Hard! problems. I found this hard because all in all I am not the best at problem solving. The simplest thing was the 6 times table wheel. I loved this workbook Because it is about my level and it taught me new skills like grid method. Down below I will show you my work.


Monday, 25 March 2019

YMS amazing school lockdown

HI, BLOGGERS. Today I will talk to you about how our school had a lockdown.

On Friday at 2 30 pm we were playing outside and the lockdown bell went as we all rushed inside the teachers shut and locked the doors. We were all scared but after a while I felt safe because the teachers were taking it very seriously and the classed was locked with the blinds down.

Then we started to watch a movie we got crackers and biscutes. 10 Minutes after that me and my friends got an IPAD and we were playing games like minecraft. We went on a shared world and made an EPIC zombie man. Somehow it was now 5 o'clock, time was FLYING, my friends and I were drawing. I was getting tired at this point. Quickly I was getting sick of being around my WHOLE class for so long indoors. One hour later we finally got the all clear I was so thrilled but it had been a pretty awesome day really.

Maybe if you were in lockdown when on Friday you could share what happend in your school. ANYWAY BYE BLOGGERS.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

HOMEWORK - Three things you would want on deserted island

HI,BLOGGERS. Today I will talk to you about what I would do a trashed Island and why. Firstly I would want a as much water as POSSIBLE so that you can actually drink the water and not have to drink salt water. Second I would want to bring a satellite phone so I could call for help also I would want it so I have a little bit of a light. Lastly I would want some sort of healthy filling food so that I did not starve to death. Now I am going to ask my Mum what she would want to bring. She said spear to protect herself and get kill tings to animals to get food. Second she would want a becon do people know where she is and for light. Lastly Mum would want a water purifier so that she can change sea water into fresh water and get all the salt out. ANYWAYS BYE.

Friday, 15 March 2019

We went to PAL training

Hi, Bloggers. Today I will talk to you about PAL. If you dont know what PAL is it is basicly, just people that make up game or play games with diffrent times. What we did when we went PAL training. There were some people that were coaching there were all diffrent things we could do and they were telling us to do. First I did coach a game it was really fun because I got to tell everyone else the game and the rules. I was nervous because there was another school with us as well. Second we made our own game ours was call hand soccer basicly its just soccer with your hand. Then we got a booklet ad we had to fill in all diffrent questions. My favorite thing about PAL was making our own game, because there was all the things we needed. A good way to be a good PAL is listen to someone if they have a question and make sure they are looking the oppizate way to the sun and you face into the sun. BYE BLOGGERS.