Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Saling At lake rua

My dad came as parent help. It was awesome having dad on my school trip
because he could help me with lots of stuff, like setting up the boat and helping
me get in and out of the boat.

Setting up the boat was exciting because I learnt how to do a blood knot
and how to set up a sailboat. My partner was Thom (he is one of my best friends) and
it was cool having Thom as my partner because he has lots of experience with
boats (like me). After we set up the boat we got back together and
had a re group with the whole class. We were told about how to sail the boat and off we went to the wharf to have a lesson.

We all walked down to the wharf and the instructors/lifeguards brought our
boats to us. We could only have 3 boats out at a time so the
lifeguards could keep an eye on us for our first time sailing. It was my
first time sailing and I felt excited. When I got in that boat I went
zoooooooooooooooooooming into the distance like a rocket ship.
I whizzed around the buoy in the water that we had to go
around and then I just about flipped my boat but I managed to get control of it
and I kept going and I made it back to the shore. I sighed with relief and I was amazed
that I had not flipped my boat. I told all my friends that I just about capsized and also that
sailing was so much fun and they all could not wait until they had their turn. My friends and I all
talked about how epic it was sailing on the water.

When we had another turn the wind was really starting to pick up and it felt like being up in
space flying around like a mad person. When I got back on land I was watching my
friend Louis. He capsized. That made me laugh. The day had whizzed by and before
I knew it, it was time to get back on the bus. What a brillant day Thom and I had.
I hope we can do it all again next year.



Friday, 2 November 2018

Sports Day

Hi Bloggers. Today I will be talking to you about Sports day today we are doing some activitys. Such as
High Jump, Shot Put, Discus, Long Jump, And Sprints. If we do good some people  can go to zones
 witch is a place where you vs people from around the place you live. I did not get into zones I was so close but I did not get in.

Our first activity was long jump if you wanted to get into zones you had to jump 3.00 m far. Me and my friends all wanted to go to zones 2 of them did go to zones there names are Thom Aliz'e. I just about got in I was just happy 2 of my friends got into zones we had three jumps. Then we went to Shot Put.

At Shot Put we could not go to zones you had to be a year six and I am only a year five. But I still tried my hardest. The Shot Put is 2kg I threw it 4.6 m. I was proud of that. After Shot Put we went to Discus

At Discus we could not get to zones either but once again I did my hardest. The discus is 750g I got 10.2 m I got the best out of all my friends. That is about all that happened at Discus. Next, we Did sprints.

At Sprints. We do a 50m 80m and 100m Sprint. We could get into zones for this but once again I did not get in. My same freinds as before got in Thom and Aliz'e. I said good job you 2 are machines. Now it is Lunch Time. After Lunch we are doing high jump.

High Jump. We can go to zones for we need to jump 1m I did not make it. My best freind Louis did I said good job you are the man. He said thanks after that It was home time and we went home and went to bed.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

My Recount about motorcross

HI BLOGGERS!!! Today I will be talking to you about my Motorcross when I got A fifth place

What I have been learning about this term is how to do a good recount this one is an ok. But if you could give me some feedback on how I did that would be good.

What I found difficult was finding interesting words to use in certain places I also found re-reading and making it make sense. This was hard because I was under the pump trying to get the number of words needed. Why was re-reading hard because I am not much of a reader I am good at it but I can not concentrate that good at all times in the classroom.

Throughout this unit, I have learned how to do a good recount on my work.

In the weekend I went to motocross. When we got there we put some of our gear on and went
to riders briefing. At riders briefing, they tell you all about the track and what flag means what
like the yellow flag means someone has fallen off and you cannot jump or pass other people
on the track. After that, they said we could go back to our bikes and get ready so we had a look
at the race order and went back to the car. We got the bikes ready and waited for our race to
start. Then we got the 5 min call so I put the rest of my gear on and rid to the start line. And then
we started this is only  practice so its not an proper race but when we got in from practice dad
and mum said I was going good if I could just stand up A bit more ofen so I said I will mum and
dad said we are going to watch Lewis so I said I will come to the start when I hear the race
start they said ok then. I spotted one of my friends so I went and said hi he said hi back he
has a brother who is in the same race as my brother so me and him went to the start and
watched the race Lewis was doing great. I cheered him on when the race was over me
and my friend both went back to our trailers.

And waited for my next race when my race came around I got pumped. I got on my bike and rid
to the start line and I wanted to beat the kid who I had always wanted to beat I got a first-place
start and some of the REALLY fast people went past me I was in fifth place. I was beating him
the guy who I always wanted to beat I and I bet him I was so HAPPY. Mum Dad and Lewis
were all proud of me and they said I am getting so fast I I said I think I am to and bet him ever
since that day. Lewis bet the kid he wanted to beat so the day went pretty well for me and my

On the way home we were talking about how fast me and Lewis are going and then when we
got home we went to bed because we had a late night out on our motorbikes. The End

Friday, 26 October 2018

My Trip To Jelly Park

Hi BLOGGERS!!!. Today I will be talking to you about my free write work. This was A fun activity because we could write about anythink we wanted. I did this free write on when I went to A pool called jelly park, I went on the new hydroslide and it is and COOLEST MOST EPIC waterslide in New Zealand. That is the slide I have you a LINK for my free write  anyways see you next time

Thank you for reading.

Friday, 19 October 2018

My Novel Study

This week I have been working on my novel study. This has been a fun activity for our class. Here is a link to my work.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

My trip to the antler cafe

 HI BLOGGERS!! I'm back from the school holidays. Today I went to the antler cafe with the principle. We sat in an old car near the door and got our photo. Then we went and got our food and went and sat outside. There was a museum and we all went in and all of us were playing inside and outside of the old school fire trucks/old school cars. Then we went and had our food. What did we have we had a hot chocolate and some chocolate browny and then we walk back to school.

Here are some pics


Friday, 21 September 2018

My Narrative

Here is a link to my Narrative. Can you guys remember when I did some work on the Ice Place this is another doc like that So if you can pop on the link and check that out. The story is base on A lady called Liv and she loves pot plants. If you can think of any improvements could you let me know in comments. Hope you enjoy.

By Zack