Wednesday, 9 August 2017

at the river

At the River
I run the dogs
And my puppy Meg
Is faster than the big dogs
And there is a Motorbike
Jump at the river
Meg always does a jump over
The Motorbike jump
Then we all stop.
At the mini lake at
The river 1 of the
Big dogs who is called Rebel always
has a swim in the
Mini lake
Then we
put Meg away in the dog box.
Then we run the big dogs.
We all go home.
When we get home
I go to the park with Kade
We have a game of
Then Kade comes to my house we go to the
Rock dig hut then I take
Kade home to
His home. The next day
I go to Kade’s house where we play
Ps4 what do we play.
We play starwhal.
Then we go to the park again we met
Me and Kade’s friend Ben
We played Scoot with Ben
Ben is 13 he wins the game
Of Scoot I come 2nd kade come’s 3rd
Kade cries a lot I help him and he stops
Crying we have a game of
Scooter tag kade wins the game
Of scooter tag
I come last in the
Game and kade got much better
After that. We all went to
Bed. we had a long sleep that night
I had a bad dream that night
It was about a bear eating me.
I called out to my mum
She gave me a cuddle
That made me happy
I went back to sleep.
Woke up a lot better
And came to school
That morning and did
Some school work
About the great  barrier
Reef I found some
Pitchers of
Stripey fish they looked.
Like nemoe on
Finding dory then
It was break time
We played tag
It was time to come to
Class i did maths
Then went home.
Because lewis
Was sick and
Mum picked
Me up to she didn't

Want to go to back to school again.


  1. Hey there, I’m Jacob from Hornby Primary School. I like the way you did heaps of writing. When I read your post I learnt to read bigger stores. Next time you could make it smaller.

  2. Hi Zach I like how you have a lot of detail to you recant next time put them in long lines.


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