Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Profile of a Hero!

Profile of a Hero!

D.O.B:25 of june
Nickname: zoodle

People in your family:mum dad lemis

Pets:meg herb reb jeffrey tinsy

Favourite TV:???
Favourite Music:smoke on the water
Favourite Movie:mickey mouse club house

Best Friends:Louis Kdae Thom Sam Aliz’e Jonathon Toby da best

Future Career: Work with dad on  western star trucks and m.a.n trucks

Most prized possession: mum and dad

Skills and talents: My talents are working on the stock car with Dad. Motorbike riding Pig hunting Cleaning the house and helping Mum And mowing the lawn.

Favourite holiday destination:My favourite destination is Japan's cuz Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse come in there and they are my favourite.

Hobbies and Interests:my hobbies as pig hunting and helping Dad and mum

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