Friday, 25 May 2018

Would you pick kenda or croyde

Hi my name is Zack. I would recommend Croyde as a planet to live on because It is where there is a lot like earth. It is joyful there has never been a war in 1000000 years it is the most safe place in any galaxy. If you would recommend kenda my writing it not for you. This planet has black holes to keep it safe all day long I have been there 3 times It is my favorite holiday destination of them all it takes 9 days to get there it is a long trip but you can get first class for free any time you want the ship has 100 storeys to it is the biggest flying thing in the world. It is the furthest away from the milky way. It also has a bright and exciting future. Kenda is so silly more people die in kenda than croyde so pick croyde or die really fast in kenda. If you pick croyde you can live happy for live. And no die because know one from war can come to croyde  unless you work at nasa and there is a 1.6% chse that you will die in croyde. But if you leave the planet you will go into the black hole and suffocate for a long long time in the black hole. There is a candy land on croyde it has all of the candies in the whole wide world like bars lollipops and much much more.

The end hope you liked I By Zack Hern goes to yaldhurst model school.

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