Friday, 15 June 2018

We went to Woodend camp

Hi last week we went on camp. We did some cool actvitvies like climbing wall and areo jump  and a lot more. On the first day we did flying fox at first I did not want to go on it because I don't like high places. We also did the go karts I went first I was going full speed in it I was the farstst kid there and I had to sit there for a long time and wach here are some pic's I am in the camo jacket.


  1. Hi Zack, that camp looked awesome! I like how you explained what you did at camp. Maybe next time add some more pictures of you speeding down the go-kart track. Oh and I also like how you pointed out who you are in the first pictures. This reminded me of last years camp that we had. We went to Mt Ruapehu and we went zooming down the mountain.

    1. thank you for your commment I hope you had a good time at your camp!!!


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