Friday, 6 July 2018

What Has worked well for me this term In maths because I moved up from the math pirates to the be2
That worked well because in it a bit more challenging.

What am I proud of this term.  Reward time because I got my full reward time 2 times I was proud of
that because for me it is hard to get my full Reward time.

How have I shown my yms hero qualities Getting 60 hero cards this term I think that is showing my
HERO values because it has to do with HERO cards

Some things that haven't go so well. I was being silly and throwing chairs around I was using bad
words In the calss

What are some thinks that I found challengeing The math test because some of the questions were
some things I did not know like some measuring things. I also found reading I think that means tricky
because I could not think of something to say.  

What will be my focus for next term. Is to not get a behavior sheet or mum having to be talked to.
And would also like to get my full readward time 5 times in term 3 that would be pretty good. I hope
next term will go A bit better than this term.



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