Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Can you believe when I went to the park and I was riding my scooter at the park and out from the shadows… came out the BFG!!! He had a black cloak, he was as big as the Eiffel tower and no one knows that he has nose that is as big as a classroom but that is not all, he has big big blue shoes.

After he jumped out at me he did a big burp in my face it smelt like a dog’s bottom. I said “poo wee” and he said “oh, sorry” he did  not sound like a giant… his voice was a mouse's voice. It was soft and squeaky. I thought that it was a baby voice, I said to him “are you one year old?”  “No I am two and a half years old, why do you ask?” And I said to him “because your voice is squeaky and a bit soft so I thought you were one,” he said “no, I am a big boy”.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Zach!
    What a creative story! Having him burp in your face would have been gross!!!!!
    It is odd that his voice is little when he is so big!!! I am wondering how he got so big when he is two years old? Are his mum and dad giant?


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