Friday, 2 November 2018

Sports Day

Hi Bloggers. Today I will be talking to you about Sports day today we are doing some activitys. Such as
High Jump, Shot Put, Discus, Long Jump, And Sprints. If we do good some people  can go to zones
 witch is a place where you vs people from around the place you live. I did not get into zones I was so close but I did not get in.

Our first activity was long jump if you wanted to get into zones you had to jump 3.00 m far. Me and my friends all wanted to go to zones 2 of them did go to zones there names are Thom Aliz'e. I just about got in I was just happy 2 of my friends got into zones we had three jumps. Then we went to Shot Put.

At Shot Put we could not go to zones you had to be a year six and I am only a year five. But I still tried my hardest. The Shot Put is 2kg I threw it 4.6 m. I was proud of that. After Shot Put we went to Discus

At Discus we could not get to zones either but once again I did my hardest. The discus is 750g I got 10.2 m I got the best out of all my friends. That is about all that happened at Discus. Next, we Did sprints.

At Sprints. We do a 50m 80m and 100m Sprint. We could get into zones for this but once again I did not get in. My same freinds as before got in Thom and Aliz'e. I said good job you 2 are machines. Now it is Lunch Time. After Lunch we are doing high jump.

High Jump. We can go to zones for we need to jump 1m I did not make it. My best freind Louis did I said good job you are the man. He said thanks after that It was home time and we went home and went to bed.

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